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The Bail Bond Process From the Bondsman's Point of View

Every day people are arrested and released on bail. Many times, they cannot afford to pay the full bail amount to secure their release. When this happens, a Reno NV bail bondsman will be able to help. The bondsman offers Reno Bail Bonds to nearly anyone who needs one and ensures the person can be released so they can hire a lawyer and continue to work until their hearings are completed. Below is some information on how this process works from the bondsman's side.

When a person enters their office, they're looking for a way to help a friend or family member. They don't have enough to pay the person's entire bail, but they're willing to secure a bond. The bondsman explains the terms of the bond and what can happen if the terms are not followed. When the person pays and signs for the bond, the bondsman either receives about 10% of the bail amount or collateral covering the full bail amount. They then go to the jail and pay the full bail amount on the person's behalf. Once this happens, the arrested person is released and must adhere to the terms of the bond.

If the person follows all of the terms of the bond, the bondsman receives their money back from the jail and returns the collateral to the person. They do keep the percentage as a fee for their services. If the arrested person doesn't follow the terms of the bond, they will not receive their money back. At this point, the person who secured the bond is going to owe either the remaining percentage or forfeit the collateral. This is done so that the bondsman doesn't lose any money by helping the arrested person cover their bail amount and be released from jail only to disappear or be arrested again.

Bail bonds offer an arrested person the chance to be released even if they cannot afford the entire bail amount on their own. The bondsman will work quickly to help the person be released once the bond is secured but does take the entire process seriously to ensure they don't lose any money. By understanding how this process works from the bondsman's point of view, a friend or family member can be more confident in their choice of looking for help to pay the bail amount.